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Being an amateur in collecting Pullip dolls, there are lots to learn from Pullip forums, collectors' blogs and some specialized websites for Pullips *o*

Before I ordered my Ralphina, I found out that there are 4 different types of body that Pullips have and got confused with it but I was rather busy and did not go further into these details =3="' Well today, I spent some time to find out the types of body that Pullips have since there is a short holiday for me to study for my exams n_n

I hope that these body comparisons that I've found from various websites will help everyone especially when it comes to changing their bodies n_^

Type 1

Type 1 which the very first type of body used for Pullip bodies in year 2003. Compared to the 3 other types of body later, they have larger bust, longer legs and visible screws as seen in the picture above. Besides that, according to most comments, they have delicate necks which owners need to take precaution when helding them. It is interesting to know that Type 1 Pullip's wig is the rooted type which can be complicated when it comes to changing their wigs compared to the unrooted wigs.

Type 2

In 2004, they have made an improvement to the Pullip bodies whereby Type 2 Pullip have greater flexibility and articulation (joint structure). Furthermore, they do not have those visible screws like Type 1 and more realistic body body propotion. However, Type 2 body is known as "tummy pop" whereby on the tummy part, it looks as if they have "gained" some "fat"... Moreover, they are more poseable but it is commented to have the tendency of lose joints over-time and their hands fall off easily. Apart from that, the first few have rooted wigs untill Pullip Nomadow which is the end of rooted wigs.

Type 3

Type 3 started with Lan Ai and Lan Ake in 2005 which was made sturdier to have the "child like" look. Compared to Type 2, Type 3 is least poseable and according to Fashion Dolls Australia, starting from Barasuishou Pullip onwards, they have the tendency of wrist-cracking risks. Besides that, they have less articulation.

Type 4

Good news came in 2009 when Pullip Neo Noir was released with a new body which is Type 4 body. Type 4 have better articulation which makes their body movements look more natural for they no longer have 360 degree body twist and now they can sit with their legs close. Though they are not prone to wrist-crack like Type 3 but they have some weakness whereby their hands can fall out easily while the lower-half of their leg can "slip out" easily from the knee joint. Additionally, their knee can crack while their arm and calf can fall out easily as well.

Every Type of Pullip bodies has their own advantages and flaws as well but the main thing is learn from their flaws and take precautions when handling the them to avoid unwanted problems Do not fear of the flaws that they have but live with them for that's how I made my decision when I ordered Ralphina and go to forums or blogs to get to know more about the things that Pullip owners faced and learn from them and enjoy collecting Pullip dolls

P/s: All images taken from Pullip.net

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HimeVendi said...
July 28, 2012 at 5:23 PM

hi, do all types have same sized head? can i for example put head from 4 type into body 1 type? tnks

Samarijn said...
May 14, 2013 at 7:08 PM

Thank you for the Clear explanation, unfortunately the pictures are down :( If you could get those to work again that would be superb!

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