Making clothes for doll's closet since I got rid of my fear for dolls and I've finally finished making modifying my Re-ment yukata into a waloli which took me a week (including my time for my assignments and other activities else I can finish it in a day or two)

I did not have a sewing machine (might buy if I make more clothes) and hence, during busy times for assignment, modifying is more suitable for me to handmade a new dress for my little darlings

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Instead of making a waloli from scratch, I bought Re-ment's Girly Style yukata to modify it into a waloli and it took me few simple sewing steps to turn it into a waloli but unfortunately I was not able to take any pictures of the modifying steps for I only sew the waloli skirt when I'm free after my assignments =_='''

Finally finished it after modifying and correcting some error parts of the skirt

Coordinated it with my newly bought pink lacey boots and red-striped socks from cool-cat from ebay which matches with her waloli

Gave her a little rabbit plush to accompany her before I get a new sister for her