Lots of assignments piling up on my table and Madaleine was left unopened in the package since yesterday +_+ Only today that I was rather free to join my club activity and I brought her along to the meeting and opened her package at the meeting n_n

Her box was well protected and there were no signs of dent or damage and she looks cute in her package

Compared to Ralphina, she is shorter and hence, in her package, she can stand in it without needing to bend her legs n_n

I find that even the wires and tapes on her are lesser and it took me lesser time for I have some experience with opening her package from Ralphina's one n_n

She looks cuter than the pictures that I seen online and her hair style actually suits her and before that I was thinking of changing her stock wig to blonde for I found the picture of her original design before she was released and her stock wig looks like Dal Chantilly but when her official release, both Dal Maretti and Byul Cocotte's stock wig has changed

Though so but I think each wig design gives them a special look and I love Madaleine's stock wig just as it is n_n
Her pumps are lovely and the buckle has the same pattern as Ralphina's stock pumps n_n

Madaleine comes with a tea cup shaped pochette

Her dress theme is "Wonder Party" which is cute