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Dear All Who are viewing my blog,
Thank you for viewing my blog, in future if you still want to check out on my dolly darlings, please visit my new blog which is Jardin de Rozene~
I decided to merge my personal blog with my dolly blog because, my personal blog's email password have been hacked and so I move to a new blog which will be a combination about myself and my darling dollies~

Short Story: Kuma-chan and Tama-chan

 Kuma-chan loves food and especially confectioneries~

Tiny Feet Magazine (OUT SOON)

Do you like dolls?
Do you like miniature?
Well, guess what there is an online magazine dedicated to dolls and miniature fans will be lauch soon n____n

How SOON you are asking?!
Well, sorry, but I don't know as well but do stay updated with these websites:
If you are interested in letting your friends who loves dolls and miniatures as well, you can share this news around whether via blog, forum or flickr and here a link for the image of the online magazine poster which you can get it from here:


News shared from Bom Bom (Flickr)

Dal Puki, Dal Jou Jou and Byul Sucre and The Minis

Few months back, I made a preorder for the March release of Angelic Pretty collaborations but I drop Pullip Prupate for I wanted to get Dal Puki instead which is harder to find her these days locally n__n''' Besides that, Toy Malaysia offered some Purchase-with-Purchase options whereby with purchase of any Angelic Pretty March release, I'm entitled to buy a Little Dal or a Little Pullip at 50% price only *o* I took this opportunity to get Little Dal George and preordered Little Dal Puki n__n

Pray for Japan

♥We Pray for Japan

May these wishes come true~


Short Story: Friends?


Candi is new in this family and feels a bit lonely...
"Would I be able to fly if I flapped these large ears? I can, because I'm Cinnamon."

Given Name: Candi Rozene (Candi)
Given Name Meaning: In Moder English it means glittering, white and pure; Rozene means: rose blossom
Original Name: Cinnamoroll
Original Name Meaning: Name of a character in Sanrio
Release Date: March 2008
Adopted Date: 8 February 2011
Arrival Date: 17 February 2011
Doll Origin: Dal Cinnamoroll
Hair: Mint short hair
Eyes: Ocean Blue

I like Dal Cinnamoroll but I seldom come across her sold locally until I found out that my friend who is selling her last year, my budget was tight due to some other dolls on my list, I have to pay them before I get another one and I was rather in luck after I bought the others, I have some budget and decided to adopt her from my friend When I received her, she was quite new except her box and her Cinnamoroll costume was a little dirty cause by humidity and temporary, she is still wearing her stock outfit until I make a new outfit for her during the holidays I named her Candi for I think she is a sweet with a touch of mint

I am adopted her just in time

Tutorial: Changing Pullip's Stock Wig

Today, it happens to be a rainy day and nobody was visiting my house for Chinese New Year and I got some time in the noon to change Mirabella's wig which I have decided it like half a month ago? Okay, I'll start my short "tutorial" for wig changing n_n

Things that you will need:
A Pullip doll (Mirabella) and a wig

Happy Chinese New Year

~~Happy Chinese New Year~~
May The Year Of The Bunny
Bring Everyone A Happy New Year

Hannabella (Hello Kitty) and Mirabella (My Melody)

Left to Right: Hannabella and Mirabella