My Pullip Bonita has finally reach to me after a month of anticipating for her arrival n_n

Actually she have reached Malaysia last Tuesday but the kastam hold it until last Thursday and it reached Kuching by Friday but I was not around so only today, I got her from the Post Office ^_^

Surprisingly, the bag that they give is an eco-bag and I thought it is made of plastic but does not matter much n_=

These are some pages which I have not found on the internet so far, so let's have a look:

The Harajuku Style

Promotion History

J-Doll and their body comparison

Ai-Dolls and their facial expressions

Customized Lolita Dolls 2010

Love the print that they have printed on the bag

I love this shadow image especially ♥_

I only took her out for some pictures but I have not release her from the wires and tapes yet else it is hard for me to bring her back home after my classes *_*

Her very Pullip Complete Style Book

Her accessories

Love her her headdress

Her eye chips are quite special whereby if you have a close-up look, her eyes are deep purple in color with some shiny particals in it *o*

Front Cover looks exactly like the original cover of the book



Somehow her book looks thick compared to mine hahaha n_n'''