It's been awhile since I last made a dress for my little darlings and I got into crocheting which I think that it's quite a relaxing activity as leisure n_n Currently I have pink color yarns only as a starter so probably, the next incoming outfit that I'm making is mostly pink until I buy other colors hahaha XD
Wow! I was excited to get to know that my Kuma-chan's picture was made into ♠♣♥♦ ALL about DOLLS ♠♣♥♦ profile picture on Facebook for December 2010 n_n

I haven't take much pictures of her though she's following me to university everyday and today I feel like taking some pictures of her n_n
This time, Groove collaborated with Angelic Pretty again and before that, they have only come out fashions for Pullip, Dal and Byul but now they have design fashions for the little ones as well which are Little Dal and Little Pullip *o*
I found some lovely surprises while browsing for this year's Doll Carnival pictures and Wow!
Groove is collaborating with Angelic Pretty once again and their outfits are awesome and I totally fell in love with the wig that they have made for Byul and Dal looks lovely as well with her little bunny bag (I suppose~) while Pullip looks stunning in that red dress *o*
Honestly, this time round I think they have created a lovely look for Byul and this is the first time that I really want to have her in my 2011 WISHLIST!

Remember who is Islu?
He's Pullip's little brother who's finally going to be released next year but no idea when will it be release whereby it's under "To Be Announce" status =_=
He looks like a mixture of Pullip and Taeyang's looks but I think I would prefer Taeyang over him unless Groove would make somemore appealing style for him ^___^

P/s: All images taken from Chamiily

Menu of the day...

It's quite sometime since I updated my blog *_*
This is my first time collecting Little Dal and Jouet happens to be my first Little Dal n_n
I name her Kuma-chan for she's my little teddy *o*

She is slightly taller than my handphone but she is as tall as my handphone when she's sitting n_n
Kuma-chan can actually fit into a Sylvanian Family house and she could live together with the Sylvanian Family under one roof hehe...

Image taken from PIPOS
Some of my friends commented that they look mischevious and scary but when I first saw them, they remind me of my beloved cats though the grey colored Chesire Cat is not closed to my Birman cat's color

Image taken a year and a half ago when they are kittens
Besides, some of my friends says that they look so angelic from this picture while those 2 Chesire cats looks mischevious yet filled with evilish motifs but those are their real faces when they are playful and team-up to disturb my things =_=
I still have lots of thought whether to buy them or not for they are rather expensive to be bought together now for I have some other things in mind that I want to buy and besides, I want to buy them together instead of buying them separately which I might risk missing one of them if one of them is out of stock...
I've not yet to make my decisions on them whether to buy or not to buy them...

"Hey you! Such a naughty boy! This bad boy deserves to be punished. Time for a smack!"

Given Name: Sophie Rozene (Sophie)
Given Name Meaning: In French it means wisdom; Rozene means: rose blossom
Original Name: Tweety
Original Name Meaning: Name of a character in Looney Tunes
Release Date: May 2008
Order Date: 26 September 2010
Arrival Date: 29 September 2010
Doll Origin: Dal Tweety
Hair: Orange shoulder length
Eyes: Hazel brown

While looking for a casual-dressed doll, I come across Sophie and she is all that I want for my first casually-dressed doll So far I have only dressed her in some of her stock outfit and now I dressed her in my newly handmade dress which is actually for Madaleine but I think it suits her better and let her wore it Recently, I'm reading some novels authored by Sophie Kinsella and it inspired me to name her Sophie

I am glad to welcome her to my doll family

Some of those who love Japanese movies might have heard of this new movie earlier this year call "Gothic & Lolita Psycho"

Summary adapted from nippon cinema:

The film stars actress and gravure idol Rina Akiyama as Yuki, a girl who lives at home in peace until one day a unit of assassins breaks in and slaughters her mother.

In order to reveal the truth behind the seemingly senseless murder, Yuki transforms herself into a demon of vengeance by donning gothic lolita clothing, wielding a parasol as a deadly weapon, and adopting the Conan-inspired mantra “Suffer no guilt, ye who casts judgment in the name of God”.

Next year May 2011, Groove will make a doll exactly like the main character, Yuki called Pullip Yuki which will be a Limited Edition to 300 dolls only *o*

So far the released price is approximately Yen15,000 which is around RM550-RM600 n_n
Just hope that the price does not increase much and I could buy another one for the berserk mode custom hahaha

p/s: All images taken from JAP Inc

Ever since my new semester has began, I'm rather busy most of the time x_x''' Well, I'll try updating my blog during the mid-term holiday if my schedule happens to be free for during this period of time while I was not blogging, I did some doll shopping for my dolls and met some new friends online with the same interest and to my amaze, there are some of them who are parents and some are working adults who still collect dolls and they are Malaysians. I don't mean to discriminate but I admire them and I feel inspired by their effort to organize meet ups andmake clothes like I do n_n

Ow, I have got myself another doll, Dal Tweety but I have not blogged her yet for I'm rather busy these days and I did some photoshoots on my dolls when I'm free just that I have not have much time to blog it out but everyone is free to check it out on my Flickr for I've updated some pictures at times that I could not blog but I would like to share them with my friends n_^

Plus, I have found some interesting news of new Pullip Doll in the next posting and I'm pretty interested in her *o*

My Pullip Bonita has finally reach to me after a month of anticipating for her arrival n_n

Actually she have reached Malaysia last Tuesday but the kastam hold it until last Thursday and it reached Kuching by Friday but I was not around so only today, I got her from the Post Office ^_^

Surprisingly, the bag that they give is an eco-bag and I thought it is made of plastic but does not matter much n_=

These are some pages which I have not found on the internet so far, so let's have a look:

The Harajuku Style

Promotion History

J-Doll and their body comparison

Ai-Dolls and their facial expressions

Customized Lolita Dolls 2010

Love the print that they have printed on the bag

I love this shadow image especially ♥_

I only took her out for some pictures but I have not release her from the wires and tapes yet else it is hard for me to bring her back home after my classes *_*

Her very Pullip Complete Style Book

Her accessories

Love her her headdress

Her eye chips are quite special whereby if you have a close-up look, her eyes are deep purple in color with some shiny particals in it *o*

Front Cover looks exactly like the original cover of the book



Somehow her book looks thick compared to mine hahaha n_n'''

I was excited when I got the package slip to inform me that a package from Hong Kong has came and I knew that it was my Pullip either Pullip Bonita or Pullip Tiphona *o*

Her box is perfect without any dent or scratch

Except this little bit on the tip but it's not a big deal n_n


Somehow the plastic securing her head came off +_=
Probably, I have had some experience from deboxing my Ralphina and Madaleine, it took me less than half an hour to untie all the wires and the plastics tie n_n

First picture after deboxing her n_n

Somehow, I quite like this hairstyle of hers being tied to 2 pony tails n_n
Seems to suit her style n_^

Her stock bag is quite detailed and cute from Innocent World series as well *o*

This time her shoes are made of some rubbery material which gives more grip to the shoes n_n

Letting down her hair suits her as well
I think she has the softest hair among my girls

Shall we have a tea party? Get carried away by the aroma of tea…
A beautiful moment….Feel Like So. "

Given Name: Racheline Rozene (Racheline)
Given Name Meaning: In Hebrew, it means Ewe; Rozene means: rose blossom
Original Name: Tiphona
Original Name Meaning: Does not have a specific meaning
Release Date: July 2010
Order Date: 28 April 2010
Arrival Date: 19 August 2010
Doll Origin: Pullip x Innocent World Tiphona
Hair: Long wavy blonde hair
Eyes: Olive green

The first time I saw Racheline, I love her style and fashion made by Innocent World which is one of the Lolita brand that I like I made the preorder from an eBay seller along with her Coat and Umbrella but sadly, the seller sold it off Currently, I'm still hunting for the Coat and Umbrella for there are little seller selling it... I gave Racheline this name for it suits her classical style and innocent look

I am glad that I got her into my Lolita family

Today I got my Dal Chantilly from my friend but I have not actually unbox her yet for I was rather busy the whole afternoon +_=

I only manage to open the package and have a look at her inside the box
She is as cute as in the advertisement pictures and I really want to spend some time to take some nice photo shoot of her with Madaleine for they are a pair of twins from the same series *o*
Another good news is my Pullip Tiphona and Pullip Bonita is on their way as well and I'm really excited to see them n_n
Well the bad news is, I have not thought of a proper name for them except Pullip Tiphona @_@'''

P/s: All pic taken from Groove INC.

A month ago, Groove had announced their incoming release of a book of the complete collections of their dolls from 2003 Summer to 2010 Autumn by the title "Pullip Complete Collection" which does not consist of just Pullips but also Taeyang, Dal, Byul as well as some J-Dolls and Ai Dolls *o*

And yes, this is the cover model for the book called Pullip Bonita which is made Limited Edition Doll of 1500 pcs worldwide O_O
I think I'm having a headache...
I mean the first time when I saw it, I wanted to have the book and all the sudden they are having the whole set of it with the book and the doll and she's lovely *o*
...probably I would have to put Lonely Queen Pullip and Crazy White Bunny Taeyang off my list for there are some other stuff that I need to pay up for the next few months =_=

P/s: All images taken from Groove Blog