Yesterday, I brought her out to my uni since one of friend wanted to see her n_n

Forgotten to bring her little chair and hence, I have covered a box with a piece of fabric for Ralphina to sit on n_n

Posing for a picture with her doll's blog

Found her friend Tiphona Pullip on her blog news

While browsing around at WonderToys, I bought a present for Ralphina to add into her closet ^_^

Suits her pink socks and dress
It comes with a brown polka-dot bag and a cute mini camera but I will photo shoot her with her other accessories when I get the time to spent with her *_*

“The princess in picture book I dreamed in my childhood. With these lace, ruffle and fluffy ribbon… Can I come to look like her?
... Feel Like so."

Given Name: Ralphina Rozene (Ralphina)
Given Name Meaning: Does not have a specific meaning for it for it was a name used in the 19th century; Rozene means: rose blossom
Original Name: Sfoglia
Original Name Meaning: Puff pastry which suits her passion for sweet and puffy princess dreams
Release Date: September 2009
Order Date: 2nd April 2010
Arrival Date: 23rd April 2010
Doll Origin: Pullip x Angelic Pretty Sfoglia
Hair: Blonde with 2 curly pony tails
Eyes: Pink with white heart

She is the first Pullip that I had my eyes on when I was looking around online to be my first Pullip She had a sweet smile with her mouth opened showing her white teeth Her light makeup suit her whole style which is what I was looking for in my doll preference I have named her Ralphina for I feel that it suits her well while Rozene will be given to all my girls' name for they are like my pretty roses blossoming around me

I am glad that she was still on sale after almost a year from her released date

Last Friday my package has arrived at my friend's house from Hong Kong n_n

I was excited about this package for it was my first Pullip doll, Sfoglia inside *o*

The seller has made a good job in protecting my package *grateful*

The box was nicely placed in the white poly-form box *so excited*

~My Sfoglia~
Some how the transparent window of the box was dented right at the nose position and I thought that it was made by my Sfoglia's pointy nose but it's impossible due to the fact that she was firmly tied up which made it impossible to get her nose to create the dented part o_o

Only the right side of the box is dented which should be made before the package was sent but luckily the doll and the things inside was not damage ^_^

Back view

The left side was in perfect condition

Instruction for her head mechanism

The stand instruction


Lots of tapes and wires to remove =_='''

It took me half an hour to remove my Sfoglia from these wires and tapes...

Looks pretty in her frills and laced Lolita dress *o*

Releasing her hair from the plastic wraps n_n


Her Pink handbag

Lovely pink pumps
*wish it was suitable for my size*

Her profile card

Don't really understand the description at the back =_='''

Love the doll stand

Having her 1st cup of tea

Image taken from Photobucket
After the collaboration of Pullip with Angelic Pretty(a Lolita fashion company) in August 2009, Groove Inc. has teamed up with Innocent World (a classic Lolita fashion company) which will be released in July 2010~~

Tiphona Pullip

The Fashion Concept for Tiphona's dress

Clair Dal

The Fashion Concept for Clair's dress

Hermine Byul
The Fashion Concept for Hermine's dress

Apart from the dolls, they have come out with extra accessories to match their dress
Frill Parasol

White Fur Coat

They look matching when they are worn together

Tiphona will be my next Pullip that I will get for my miniature family and the extra accessories is a Must-Have for my Tiphona as well n_n

Image taken from Flickr (Tassai)
Editted by TeddyTales

Doll: Sfoglia Pullip (rewigged)
Today our tutorial assignment was to create a magazine cover and my inspiration came to Pullip's Fashion Magazine cover but the concept is different from the original magazine for my magazine cover looks more like a fashion magazine for Pullips =n_n=

Image taken from Picasa Web

When I was little, I used to have dolls like Barbie dolls like any other girl friends in school and I love making some so-called "clothes" from my grandma's leftover cloth but my passion for dolls was soon ruined by my coward attitude for horror movies when I watch the movie "Child's Play"...It was a nightmare to me and basically for a 6-7 year old child, I think it's common for me to be scare of dolls...I still keep them but since then, I never ask for another doll to add into my collection...

Image taken from Angelic Pretty
After years past, I have got my interest for Lolita, I begin to love Lolita fashion and I want to make one myself but between the inspiration to create one is different from making it for it is rather time consuming especially when I do not have the skill for sewing machine (just very basic skills from home economics class during secondary school)...@_@''' Hence, I never made my own Lolita clothes except some Lolita accessories =_='''

A few months back, I found my love for dolls again when my friend brought her "daughter" (a BJD) to the Anime Gathering which was last year's December (2009). Her daughter was dressed in a Lolita costume and she look adorable in it

Image taken from
After that, I have got to know some friends from Facebook and they have uploaded some pictures of their Pullip "daughters" and they were lovely I find that, their passion for dolls are different from just collecting them as a collection to display but rather, they are taking them out for photo shoot and meet-up with other Pullip friends n_n I was not certain that I want to get myself one but my friend teased me to get one and she told me that she loved her "kids" dearly and it has driven me to get one for myself *o* She gave advices and I started to do my research on everything about Pullips from handling to her dress making

Image taken from Flickr (Magma Heritage)
I found Sfoglia Pullip which I find that her style is what I want to have for my first Pullip doll and do not have my childhood fear for dolls anymore but rather the passion and enthusiasm for dolls is revived