Shall we have a tea party? Get carried away by the aroma of tea…
A beautiful moment….Feel Like So. "

Given Name: Racheline Rozene (Racheline)
Given Name Meaning: In Hebrew, it means Ewe; Rozene means: rose blossom
Original Name: Tiphona
Original Name Meaning: Does not have a specific meaning
Release Date: July 2010
Order Date: 28 April 2010
Arrival Date: 19 August 2010
Doll Origin: Pullip x Innocent World Tiphona
Hair: Long wavy blonde hair
Eyes: Olive green

The first time I saw Racheline, I love her style and fashion made by Innocent World which is one of the Lolita brand that I like I made the preorder from an eBay seller along with her Coat and Umbrella but sadly, the seller sold it off Currently, I'm still hunting for the Coat and Umbrella for there are little seller selling it... I gave Racheline this name for it suits her classical style and innocent look

I am glad that I got her into my Lolita family

Today I got my Dal Chantilly from my friend but I have not actually unbox her yet for I was rather busy the whole afternoon +_=

I only manage to open the package and have a look at her inside the box
She is as cute as in the advertisement pictures and I really want to spend some time to take some nice photo shoot of her with Madaleine for they are a pair of twins from the same series *o*
Another good news is my Pullip Tiphona and Pullip Bonita is on their way as well and I'm really excited to see them n_n
Well the bad news is, I have not thought of a proper name for them except Pullip Tiphona @_@'''

P/s: All pic taken from Groove INC.