I was excited when I got the package slip to inform me that a package from Hong Kong has came and I knew that it was my Pullip either Pullip Bonita or Pullip Tiphona *o*

Her box is perfect without any dent or scratch

Except this little bit on the tip but it's not a big deal n_n


Somehow the plastic securing her head came off +_=
Probably, I have had some experience from deboxing my Ralphina and Madaleine, it took me less than half an hour to untie all the wires and the plastics tie n_n

First picture after deboxing her n_n

Somehow, I quite like this hairstyle of hers being tied to 2 pony tails n_n
Seems to suit her style n_^

Her stock bag is quite detailed and cute from Innocent World series as well *o*

This time her shoes are made of some rubbery material which gives more grip to the shoes n_n

Letting down her hair suits her as well
I think she has the softest hair among my girls