"I have to go and look for more and more !
I want to be full with KAWAII."

Given Name: Madaleine Rozene (Madaleine)
Given Name Meaning: In both Greek and Hebrew, it means women of Magdala; Rozene means: rose blossom
Original Name: Maretti
Original Name Meaning: Not Found
Release Date: September 2009
Order Date: 18 May 2010
Arrival Date: 03 June 2010
Doll Origin: Dal x Angelic Pretty Maretti
Hair: Pinkish Orange with 2 curly pony tails
Eyes: Deep Aqua Green with white crescent moon

I passed on Dal doll a few times before I decided to have Madaleine for at first I did not appreciate her "grumpy" expression carved on her face but I find that her "grumpy" expression can be adorable sometimesLike I said she does not smile a lot but at certain angle, I found her cute little smile and when I receive Madaleine, she actually looks cutier than she looks in picturesAngelic Pretty suits her well especially the sweet theme makes her even more adorable than everThis time round, it didn't took me to long for me to figure out a suitable name for her for I have look for her name right after I placed my order on her and I find that the name Madaleine actually suits her for the name sounds sweet yet adorable

I am glad that I have made the right decision to have her in my family