A month ago, Groove had announced their incoming release of a book of the complete collections of their dolls from 2003 Summer to 2010 Autumn by the title "Pullip Complete Collection" which does not consist of just Pullips but also Taeyang, Dal, Byul as well as some J-Dolls and Ai Dolls *o*

And yes, this is the cover model for the book called Pullip Bonita which is made Limited Edition Doll of 1500 pcs worldwide O_O
I think I'm having a headache...
I mean the first time when I saw it, I wanted to have the book and all the sudden they are having the whole set of it with the book and the doll and she's lovely *o*
...probably I would have to put Lonely Queen Pullip and Crazy White Bunny Taeyang off my list for there are some other stuff that I need to pay up for the next few months =_=

P/s: All images taken from Groove Blog