Revival of My Passion for Dolls

When I was little, I used to have dolls like Barbie dolls like any other girl friends in school and I love making some so-called "clothes" from my grandma's leftover cloth but my passion for dolls was soon ruined by my coward attitude for horror movies when I watch the movie "Child's Play"...It was a nightmare to me and basically for a 6-7 year old child, I think it's common for me to be scare of dolls...I still keep them but since then, I never ask for another doll to add into my collection...

Image taken from Angelic Pretty
After years past, I have got my interest for Lolita, I begin to love Lolita fashion and I want to make one myself but between the inspiration to create one is different from making it for it is rather time consuming especially when I do not have the skill for sewing machine (just very basic skills from home economics class during secondary school)...@_@''' Hence, I never made my own Lolita clothes except some Lolita accessories =_='''

A few months back, I found my love for dolls again when my friend brought her "daughter" (a BJD) to the Anime Gathering which was last year's December (2009). Her daughter was dressed in a Lolita costume and she look adorable in it

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After that, I have got to know some friends from Facebook and they have uploaded some pictures of their Pullip "daughters" and they were lovely I find that, their passion for dolls are different from just collecting them as a collection to display but rather, they are taking them out for photo shoot and meet-up with other Pullip friends n_n I was not certain that I want to get myself one but my friend teased me to get one and she told me that she loved her "kids" dearly and it has driven me to get one for myself *o* She gave advices and I started to do my research on everything about Pullips from handling to her dress making

Image taken from Flickr (Magma Heritage)
I found Sfoglia Pullip which I find that her style is what I want to have for my first Pullip doll and do not have my childhood fear for dolls anymore but rather the passion and enthusiasm for dolls is revived

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