Lunatic Alice World

I was so excited when I found out this wonderful news from Groove *o* I want to collect Lonely Queen and Crazy White Rabbit (I'm gonna burn a hole in my wallet again) +_+'''

Image taken from Groove News
There is even a Wonderland looking Cafe made and they displayed these 4 new faces at the Cafe with Alice in the Wonderland background n_n

Alice welcome and escorts to the Wonderland

The Wonderland back drop is made out Alice in the Wonderland story book pages printed on canvas

All the story book pages leads maze which will later led to the Cafe

Wow! A Wonderland looking Cafe appears with cards and huge tea cup looking like a room made for a Mad Hatter O_O

There is also an elegant room *o*

A special menu made for the Cafe *o*
~Checkout more of their menus at Fantasy Dining~

A cute little diorama of a Wonderland

p/s: Majority of the image taken from Flickr (kenjichappie)

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