Chesire Cat

Image taken from PIPOS
Some of my friends commented that they look mischevious and scary but when I first saw them, they remind me of my beloved cats though the grey colored Chesire Cat is not closed to my Birman cat's color

Image taken a year and a half ago when they are kittens
Besides, some of my friends says that they look so angelic from this picture while those 2 Chesire cats looks mischevious yet filled with evilish motifs but those are their real faces when they are playful and team-up to disturb my things =_=
I still have lots of thought whether to buy them or not for they are rather expensive to be bought together now for I have some other things in mind that I want to buy and besides, I want to buy them together instead of buying them separately which I might risk missing one of them if one of them is out of stock...
I've not yet to make my decisions on them whether to buy or not to buy them...

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