Surprises from Doll Carnival 2010

I found some lovely surprises while browsing for this year's Doll Carnival pictures and Wow!
Groove is collaborating with Angelic Pretty once again and their outfits are awesome and I totally fell in love with the wig that they have made for Byul and Dal looks lovely as well with her little bunny bag (I suppose~) while Pullip looks stunning in that red dress *o*
Honestly, this time round I think they have created a lovely look for Byul and this is the first time that I really want to have her in my 2011 WISHLIST!

Remember who is Islu?
He's Pullip's little brother who's finally going to be released next year but no idea when will it be release whereby it's under "To Be Announce" status =_=
He looks like a mixture of Pullip and Taeyang's looks but I think I would prefer Taeyang over him unless Groove would make somemore appealing style for him ^___^

P/s: All images taken from Chamiily

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