Pullip My Melody and Pullip Hello Kitty

Yesterday, I was so happy to see the PosLaju posman arrived at my doorstep with 2 big boxes which are Pullip My Melody and Pullip Hello Kitty n_n I was so delighted to receive them that I feel like almost jumping around my living room *o* I brought them into my bedroom instantly to open up the package *w*

They look pretty eventhough they are still in the box wrapped by a layer of bubble wrap
I wrap the bubble wrap of Pullip Hello Kitty's and I was terrified to find her right hand was broken... T^T

ToT Her broken hand was broken to the extent of unrepairable =_+

I found her broken hand next to her left hand =_='''
Luckily, my seller agrees to give me an obitsu body for I thought of exchanging Pullip Hello Kitty for a new one or just get a money refund but after awhile, I thought that if I were to wait for a new one, it is either a long wait or same thing may happen for it is quite a common problem that Body Type 3 have which is wrist-cracking... So intead of a refund, I asked for a rebate for a new Obitsu body and my seller agreed and gave me the Obitsu body n_n

Image taken from dan_dal
I get the Obitsu body with another wig which I found at my seller's website which I was thinking of using this wig for my darling Pullip My Melody for I think, her faceup quite like Racheline and if she wears this wig, she'll look like Racheline's twin sister

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