Tutorial: Changing Pullip's Stock Wig

Today, it happens to be a rainy day and nobody was visiting my house for Chinese New Year and I got some time in the noon to change Mirabella's wig which I have decided it like half a month ago? Okay, I'll start my short "tutorial" for wig changing n_n

Things that you will need:
A Pullip doll (Mirabella) and a wig
Normally for Pullip's wig size is 8"-9" but for this wig, the seller had got my friend to try it on his Pullip, so there is no need for me to look at the size but if you are buying from LUTS or LEEKEWORLD, you have to choose 8"-9" size n_n

Philip Screwdriver (Flat head type)
For myself, I'm using 2.0mm sized Philip screwdriver but you can choose to use other sizes within 3.0mm of size

Mirabella's stock wig is the glued-on type which can be easily change within these few steps but for rooted ones, these steps won't be a help to remove rooted wigs n_n'''

Use the Philip screwdriver to tug in the wig from which ever side and repeat the tug-and-pull action around the entire rim which makes the removal of the wig easier later
P/s: Don't have to tug in too deep and do it slowly so that it does not tear the wig if you are going to reuse it next time

After the wig is loosening, just grasp the wig firmly and pull it up slowly and if there is any stubborn areas of the wig that you can't remove it, just use the screwdriver to tug in and pull will do

Done! The wig is removed~
Mirabella: That's embarrassing...don't take any picture of me!

Wig Comparison
Mirabella's stock wig does not have elastic strip around the wig rim while the new one has elastic strip on it which can fit on my Dal darling's head as well if I were to use it on my Dal while Pullip's stock wig might look a little loose without the elastic strip my my Dal's head

I tied up the wig so that the hair would not mess up when I'm fitting it on Mirabella's head n_n
I put some UHU glue on both side (the ears side) of the wig rim so that it would stick the wig onto the head otherwise, it might fall off
Two sides is enough so that next time when you want to replace a new wig for your doll, you'll just have to tug and pull both sides only instead of the entire rim

Fit the wig on properly and here you have it:

New look for Mirabella and she looks quite like a sister to Racheline as well
*something that I always want to do when I have a Pullip My Melody*

Their wig length is about the same length just that Mirabella's wig is more wavy and it looks shorter compared to Racheline's

End note: Personally, I don't like Mirabella's wig since the first time I saw her promo picture and this wig really makes her look like a sister to Racheline since both their faceup are similar just that Mirabella's is lighter compared to Racheline's

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Pullip said...
March 30, 2013 at 12:55 PM

Really gorgeous. I love this post and Pullip doll as well. Just ordered this at PIJ, Hope get this cute one in a week :D

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