Dal Puki, Dal Jou Jou and Byul Sucre and The Minis

Few months back, I made a preorder for the March release of Angelic Pretty collaborations but I drop Pullip Prupate for I wanted to get Dal Puki instead which is harder to find her these days locally n__n''' Besides that, Toy Malaysia offered some Purchase-with-Purchase options whereby with purchase of any Angelic Pretty March release, I'm entitled to buy a Little Dal or a Little Pullip at 50% price only *o* I took this opportunity to get Little Dal George and preordered Little Dal Puki n__n

 Here they are~~
Big ones (Left to Right): Dal Jou Jou, Dal Puki and Byul Sucre
Small ones (Left to Right): Little Dal Lepupu and Little Dal George

 They will be my first mini couples, Lepupu and George

 Byul Sucre

 Dal Puki

 Dal Jou Jou

 I realized that the packaging have changed whereby last time,there is a promo picture at the back but now it's quite plain at the back only the caution notice is there o___o

I decided to debox them after my final exam for I don't think I have much time to play with them besides that, I spotted that there is a few strains of hair caught on her neck part and I guess probably,I have to open her head to get the stucked hair out n___n'''

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