Short Story: Kuma-chan and Tama-chan

 Kuma-chan loves food and especially confectioneries~

 Kuma-chan open up a mini sweet cart selling cookies, candies, chocolate and lolipops~

 Opssy...who drop her lolipop?
It was Tama-chan o__o

Tama-chan dropped her favorite lolipop and started to cry... T___T

Kuma-chan saw the whole situation O__O

He took one of the lolipop from his sweet cart

 Kuma-chan handed the lolipop to Tama-chan

 Tama-chan was delighted and both of them became good friends~

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Yatsune said...
August 13, 2012 at 9:38 PM

awwww, so cute! <3

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