Sfoglia: My 1st Doll

Last Friday my package has arrived at my friend's house from Hong Kong n_n

I was excited about this package for it was my first Pullip doll, Sfoglia inside *o*

The seller has made a good job in protecting my package *grateful*

The box was nicely placed in the white poly-form box *so excited*

~My Sfoglia~
Some how the transparent window of the box was dented right at the nose position and I thought that it was made by my Sfoglia's pointy nose but it's impossible due to the fact that she was firmly tied up which made it impossible to get her nose to create the dented part o_o

Only the right side of the box is dented which should be made before the package was sent but luckily the doll and the things inside was not damage ^_^

Back view

The left side was in perfect condition

Instruction for her head mechanism

The stand instruction


Lots of tapes and wires to remove =_='''

It took me half an hour to remove my Sfoglia from these wires and tapes...

Looks pretty in her frills and laced Lolita dress *o*

Releasing her hair from the plastic wraps n_n


Her Pink handbag

Lovely pink pumps
*wish it was suitable for my size*

Her profile card

Don't really understand the description at the back =_='''

Love the doll stand

Having her 1st cup of tea

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