Ralphina (Sfoglia)

“The princess in picture book I dreamed in my childhood. With these lace, ruffle and fluffy ribbon… Can I come to look like her?
... Feel Like so."

Given Name: Ralphina Rozene (Ralphina)
Given Name Meaning: Does not have a specific meaning for it for it was a name used in the 19th century; Rozene means: rose blossom
Original Name: Sfoglia
Original Name Meaning: Puff pastry which suits her passion for sweet and puffy princess dreams
Release Date: September 2009
Order Date: 2nd April 2010
Arrival Date: 23rd April 2010
Doll Origin: Pullip x Angelic Pretty Sfoglia
Hair: Blonde with 2 curly pony tails
Eyes: Pink with white heart

She is the first Pullip that I had my eyes on when I was looking around online to be my first Pullip She had a sweet smile with her mouth opened showing her white teeth Her light makeup suit her whole style which is what I was looking for in my doll preference I have named her Ralphina for I feel that it suits her well while Rozene will be given to all my girls' name for they are like my pretty roses blossoming around me

I am glad that she was still on sale after almost a year from her released date

2 Doll Comments:

Fishy said...
June 14, 2011 at 1:52 AM

did you ever spoil the curls before? if you did, how to re-curl them like original again? >< mine gotten a bit messy *sigh*

TeddyTales said...
June 14, 2011 at 1:50 PM

Yeap, I spoiled her curls before and I apply conditioner while combing that spoiled curl and towards the end, the curl is quite badly tangled and I trim off some of the end part so that I could comb it straight n___6 I curl back using my pencil for the size is just right and clip it with my cloth clip to hold the curl on the pencil >___n

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