Antique Pop-up Dollhouse

The other day when I went to Book Castle (a bookstore selling all-second-handed books) and I found a lovely pop-up dollhouse placed on the top of the book shelve but unfortunately, it was not for sale and so yesterday when I went to a nearby restaurant to have my lunch, I dropped by Book Castle to take some pictures of this lovely antique dollhouse So lets look at the lovely dollhouse

Ground Floor: Study Room

Upper Floor: Bedroom

Ground Floor: The Dinning Room

Upper Floor: The Bathroom

Ground Floor: The Kitchen

Upper Floor: Another Bedroom (probably the maid's room for it looks smaller)

Ground Floor: The Staircase Hall Way

Upper Floor: The Hall

This dollhouse looks like the antique pop-up dollhouse that I see in my book of dollhouse and how I wish if I can make them in 1/6 scale to fit my dolls in

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