Dango Making with Ralphina

Today my club has organized a dango making event and I brought Ralphina along to make her own little dango

Ralphina brought her little bunny along in her pink carriage

Taking a small pinch of dango dough from mine which she started to make a flatten round shaped as the dango skin
Looking good with her first dango making
Wrapping the chocolate paste with her little green dango dough

A cute little snowy green dango ♥♥

Bunny-chan got closer to look at Ralphina's masterpiece

Ralphina: Wanna try some?
Bunny-chan: Thanks but I have a whole carrot to finish up n_n

Looks a lot small if compared to mine n_n'''

Enjoying her handmade dango

Each has their own wonderful food to enjoy for the dango event

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