A Doll House

Wandering around with my mom at tHe Spring, a whole lot of boxes on WonderToys' shelf caught our eyes and we got attracted and went closer to the self and both of us were amazed to find Sylvanian Families here
Sadly, both of us did not bring that much money to afford the doll house while dad does not approve that we buy such a doll house +_+
We went home without the doll house and both of us thought out lots of plans to "smuggle" the doll house after buying it somehow I guess my dad had knew it and the next morning, he actually approve it and agrees to bring us to tHe Spring to buy the doll house n_n

I just realized that the doll house's box was big which is quite impossible for me to "smuggle" it home =_='''

The back view shows how the doll house can be decorated

Lovely view of the doll house was placed on the side view of the box

Another side view shows how the doll house can be assembled n_^

Among all the doll house design, this one was the only one that satisfy me for it can be closed to look like a normal model house like this

or it can be open to look like this

I prefer this type compared to the others for it does not give the feeling of "incomplete" whereby for the other doll house, they have made it just "cut-off" at the back for people to decorate it but then, I think the whole structure of the doll house is what I want to look at and not just the front view *o*

Temporarily, I'm rather busy with assignments and final exams and hence, I have found a just-nice-space for my lovely doll house to stay n_n

I have transferred some furniture from the wedding chapel for I do not have much of a good plan to decorate my doll house so temporarily my bunny family have to bare with the furniture that I have for them =_=

These are some little toddlers that my mom bought for my doll house

Ralphina and Bunny-chan tagged along to play at the doll house but seems like only Bunny-chan can fit into the doll house while Ralphina is almost the height of the doll house

Ralphina seems to get along with the bunny family

How cute Ralphina cuddling baby bunny

The doll house also comes with this Japanes story book about the doll house *o*

Sadly, the whole book is in Japanese so I could not read a word of it but I kinda understand a little about the story through the illustrations +_+

On the other hand, Ralphina and Bunny-chan are planning which furniture to buy next for the doll house

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kenwooi said...
June 1, 2010 at 1:03 AM

looks cute =)

TeddyTales said...
June 1, 2010 at 11:59 PM

@kenwooi: yea...my mom fell in love it as well hahaha...

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