Pullip's Shopping Dictionary

I usually browse for Pullip dolls on ebay.com, blogs and some online shops and my first shopping experience has lead me to confusion towards the acronyms and termynologies that sellers used to decribe the dolls that they are selling =_=''' Guess what, I thought OOAK was some company name and the seller pointed out that it means One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) *o* I would like to share these acronyms and termynologies so that it would minimize the confusion like what I have faced when shopping online for Pullips >_<'''

NRFB: Never Remove From Box (the box seal is never removed)
MIB: Mint In Box
MIP: Mint In Package
MOC: Mint On Card (for accessories or outfits attached on card)
BIN: Buy It Now (Net price)
OOAK: One-Of-A-Kind (custom dolls)
FS: For Sale
WTB: Want To Buy
WTT: Want To Trade
WTS: Want To Sell

Mint: The condition of the doll is how it is like from the factory which means that the box might have been opened but the doll's condition is as good as it was from the factory
Stock: The original items that was made for the doll by the manufacturer
Card: Profile card that provides information of the doll
Stand: A supportive plastic or metal designed to make Pullip stand upright
Eyemech: Pullip's eye-mechanism
Eye-chips: The changeable part of the eye color
Eye-rubber: A piece of rubber used to hold the acrylic eye-chip to the eye-ball
Re-chipped: The stock eye-chips have been changed
Obitsu: Doll body that can be used to replace Pullip's stock body
Non-rooted wig: Changeable wigs which attaches to the head by using glue
Rooted wig: Found in earlier releases of Pullips whereby their wig is rooted to their scalp
eg: The last rooted wig Pullip is Nomado (2004) and hence any Pullip after that is non-rooted wigs

Body type: The type of body that they are using (refer to Pullip's Body Type)
Used/second-hand: own by someone before
Bald: No wig is included
Nude: No outfit or accessories included (some might include a stand for it)

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