Dolls in Polaroid Pictures

I found this amazing application while blog walking which is the Polaroid Project application to turn pictures to look-alike pictures taken from a polaroid camera and I downloaded this wonderful software and turn some of my dolls' pictures into polaroid look-alike and I love the result that I get using the software n_n

It requires a few simple steps to get it done

Turn on the software and drag-and-drop the images that you want to turn it into polaroid look-alike on this cute blue polaroid camera ^_^

Be patient for it will take a short while to load the picture

Don't be shock to find it brownish in color for it takes awhile to turn into polaroid picture O_O'''

While the picture is developing, you may right-click and save a sample on the developing effect for sometimes towards the end, the polaroid picture might look over exposure so just save the samples that you think is nice on the developing process so that at the end of the day, you could choose the one that you like the best

I saved like 10+ samples for I find that the end processed of the image might not be the one that I like best and after saving these samples, I can compare which is the one that I like best

The end of the development process has a red alpha sign as an indicator

These are some of Ralphina and Madaleine's pictures that I have turn it into polaroid pictures and some developing process actually can create a classic looking picture

Apart from that, you may find that, it actually crops the pictures into square pictures and it looks just nice n_n

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