Ralphina and Madaleine in Sweet Lolita Fashion

A new pair of feet steps into Ralphina's lonely picture n_n
Madaleine is the member of our Rozene Family and Madaleine is not the only surprise but I have bought a new set of dress which is originally the stock outfit for Byul Cocotte (Angelic Pretty: Toy Parade)
Surprisingly Ralphina can fit in the dress and she looks kinda cute too n_n

Looks cute though the dress might be a little shorter for her height

Madaleine is cuter than in the pictures that I find in the internet

Both of them look cute standing together in Sweet Lolita style

Both Ralphina and Madaleine are quite a close sister to have similar style of pumps n_n
I think Ralphina's stock pumps matches Byul's stock dress well

They have matching bags for their dress and especially Madaleine's tea cup shaped pochette which matches her dress theme of Wonder Party

Both of them look pretty and cute and I bet if Tiphona is in this picture she would look as lovely as they are

P/s: Thanks to Aiko Rin's information for the name of the AP dresses ^_n

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