Pullip Yuki

Some of those who love Japanese movies might have heard of this new movie earlier this year call "Gothic & Lolita Psycho"

Summary adapted from nippon cinema:

The film stars actress and gravure idol Rina Akiyama as Yuki, a girl who lives at home in peace until one day a unit of assassins breaks in and slaughters her mother.

In order to reveal the truth behind the seemingly senseless murder, Yuki transforms herself into a demon of vengeance by donning gothic lolita clothing, wielding a parasol as a deadly weapon, and adopting the Conan-inspired mantra “Suffer no guilt, ye who casts judgment in the name of God”.

Next year May 2011, Groove will make a doll exactly like the main character, Yuki called Pullip Yuki which will be a Limited Edition to 300 dolls only *o*

So far the released price is approximately Yen15,000 which is around RM550-RM600 n_n
Just hope that the price does not increase much and I could buy another one for the berserk mode custom hahaha

p/s: All images taken from JAP Inc

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