Short Updates

Ever since my new semester has began, I'm rather busy most of the time x_x''' Well, I'll try updating my blog during the mid-term holiday if my schedule happens to be free for during this period of time while I was not blogging, I did some doll shopping for my dolls and met some new friends online with the same interest and to my amaze, there are some of them who are parents and some are working adults who still collect dolls and they are Malaysians. I don't mean to discriminate but I admire them and I feel inspired by their effort to organize meet ups andmake clothes like I do n_n

Ow, I have got myself another doll, Dal Tweety but I have not blogged her yet for I'm rather busy these days and I did some photoshoots on my dolls when I'm free just that I have not have much time to blog it out but everyone is free to check it out on my Flickr for I've updated some pictures at times that I could not blog but I would like to share them with my friends n_^

Plus, I have found some interesting news of new Pullip Doll in the next posting and I'm pretty interested in her *o*

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